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Bohemian viticulture

Our entire vineyard is 100% organic

Back to the origin, keeping the traditions alive

As winegrower, we need to stop before time and reflect on the accelerated time rate we currently live in. Speak with our elders, value their advice and come back to the roots of our traditional grape growing practices, to achieve the respect and connection they once had with nature.

To escape from the conventionalism, the dogma, to create wines in the most natural way possible so as to reflect their surroundings.

This is bohemian viticulture

Behind each wine is the hand and philosophy of its maker. Mine is a free viticulture that does not adjust to the established rules. A viticulture that lives in another time and evolution, with a sense of purity and respect to the authentic, seeking stillness and reflection.

“Saúl Gil Berzal”

1. Against the destructive advancements of chemicals and industrialization.


2. We wish to preserve a path that respects the landscape and rural life, leaving a better place than that which we encounter today.


3. Our viticulture is a succession of respectful processes and methods on the way to finding the fusion of vineyard with its natural complexity while preserving its identity, its personality and its purity in each wine.


Love of nature

We don’t make it, she provides it to us

In Gil Berzal, ecology and sustainability are not a marketing trend to obtain certifications; it is a way of life, a belief in something we have been practicing for many years. This takes us to uphold a deeper ecological point of view, through regenerative and biodynamic practices.

In harmony with our land

Captivated by its force and energy, we accept its command with humility, respecting its timing, in harmony with its rhythms and cycles. This viticulture once again speaks of the basic principles of respect for life, people and animals.

The terroir as the main element

A wine’s greatness links intimately to its soil, climate, people and customs. The cultural practices, the respect of our historic patrimony and nature, are the reasons why we create unique wines.


We maintain the older human dimension model, analogous to what small town wines were in earlier decades. 

We only produce from our vineyards. Through the ownership of our vineyard, we can better control each curve and orient our work towards maximum quality.

Capturing the soul until the end

To convey the vineyard’s spirit, we take into account complete artisanship. With understanding and respect, we extract authenticity.

From here forward, the idea of minimal intervention is always present in the goal of having the wines express their own climate, soil and growth.

Our truth and honesty through free wines.

Our objective is to convey the essence of our vineyards in each bottle. 

Earth – Bottle

Throughout this sensitive trajectory, a creation of not so tangible yet very real and important elements of depth and energy generate. Unexplainable sensations that go beyond the pleasure of wine.

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