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Saúl et Benjamín

Un modo de vida

The transferal of passion
From parents to children

Both brothers Saúl and Benjamín make up the fifth generation of winegrowers and winemakers, whose origins date back more than a century. Fully committed to working the vineyard, generation after generation, passing along their culture with passion.

Jose Luis Gil and Gloria Berzal, our father and mother, both offspring of the previously mentioned winegrowers, found their love in the vineyard, building a family and the winery where they continue to contribute their work to this day.

Fifth generation of a passionate family
And committed viticulturists

In the year of 1936, our grandparents Luís Gil and María Coca as well as Jose Luis Berzal and Gloria Troncoso, with much effort and dedication made great quality wines that are still in the safekeeping of the family to this day. Our family takes back two additional generations.

We, Saúl and Benjamin grew up surrounded by vineyards, winepresses and barrels. Developing our affinity and enthusiasm for the vineyard. With the fermentation aromas imprinted in our brains since we were children, today we are the ones who continue with our family traditions to preserve our works’ philosophy and framework that gives our wines its unique style, making them genuine wines. 


Agriculture, artisanship and art.

Grower: Only growers that work the vineyard with a proper respect of nature can truly obtain a healthy grape while keeping its properties intact. Keeping in touch with nature and its vital processes without adding synthetic or chemical elements. The key component being, walking and working the vines.

Artisanship: The developed artisan skills, which allow the growth of a process that does not degrade neither the raw material nor the resulting product. Only results in emotions.
Artists: Only the artistic sensibility is capable of interpreting, capturing, valuing and translating the soul of a product and a territory. It is also present in all the processes, from the vine to the design of each label going through its own design processes. The wine is like an art.
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